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Dumb Criminal Friday: Criminal Agrees to Take Hood off While Robbing a Bank Teller

Published by Ellen on June 29, 2012 8:18 AM

A bank robber was caught on video and immediately recognized, owning to his willingness to take off his hood when the bank teller told him hats weren't allowed.

The apprehended criminal can be seen walking into the bank-- with his hood disguising his identity-- and approaching the teller in a discrete manner. Wearing a dark hooded jacket as he handed the bank teller a robbery note, he was then asked to take his hood off by the employee. Once he took his hood off, the female employee handed him over the money from her cash register.

The bank's security camera was able to capture the man's face in full view at that point, which helped police make an arrest soon after. We're baffled by how fast he went from being a standard bank robber to idiot of the year. Nice going, buddy!

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