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Dream Mall installs QNAP surveillance system

Published by Margeaux on March 2, 2011 9:34 AM

Taiwan is home to one of Asia's largest retail centers. Dream Mall boasts more than 2,000 stores and restaurants, as well as a movie theater and a roof-top amusement park. In addition, it has a parking lot capable of accommodating 3,000 cars. The challenge of securing such a large and versatile property requires reliable, cutting edge technology. Accordingly, Dream Mall managers opted to go with QNAP network video recorders to manage 600 Panasonic cameras.

Dream Mall selected QNAP NVRs for their flexibility, security and expandability. Offering both local and remote storage, digital watermarking and RAID protection, QNAP NVRs enable Dream Mall to store surveillance footage securely and efficiently. Network connectivity makes it easy to integrate additional cameras into the system or move existing cameras to new locations without the inconvenience and expense of analog's coaxial cabling. Additionally, QNAP NVRs record high quality video essential to viewing details such as faces and license plate numbers.

QNAP NVRs can be integrated with a host of IP cameras and alarm devices for true security. Its built-in E Map feature helps security personnel locate abnormalities within Dream Mall's vast and complicated property. For convenient monitoring and playback, QNAP offers remote use through a web browser or compatible phone.

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