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Axis study reveals more retailers are considering a switch to IP-based surveillance systems

Published by Amelia on January 21, 2011 3:56 PM

A recent study sponsored by Axis and conducted by the Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC) found that 87% of retailers who currently use CCTV analog technology for surveillance in their retail stores are considering making the switch to IP cameras. Loss prevention executives from 49 national and regional retail companies answered questions about their current use of surveillance technology, their feelings about the overall impact of surveillance on loss prevention, and their thoughts about analog vs. IP surveillance systems.

Almost the entire group sampled (98%) said that they currently use video surveillance in their stores. However, only 25% of that sample are using IP surveillance. For those who have yet to implement IP network cameras in their stores 41.7% reported that they hadn't taken the step yet because of a perceived higher cost.

But good news is on the horizon for retailers balking at the supposed higher cost of IP surveillance systems. A recent whitepaper published by Axis revealed that due to improvements in IP technology and recording and storage products, the overall costs for IP-based systems with smaller camera installations are improving and are even lower than analog systems in some configurations.

Technology improvements like Axis Corridor Format also make IP surveillance systems more affordable. With innovative vertically-oriented surveillance, Axis Corridor Format allows retailers to better target their images, reducing the number of cameras needed to monitor narrow aisles and bays. This reduces the overall cost of installing an IP system.

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