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Integrated POS surveillance aims to reduce on-the-job theft

Published by Jennifer on July 5, 2007 9:02 AM

It's a common problem that plagues restaurants everywhere - employees invite their friends to come in for a meal, but only charge them for half the item, or not at all. It may not seem like a huge issue - what's a sandwich or a cup of coffee here and there? However, the cash starts to add up if three employees each give away several free items a day. So what's a manager to do?

A recent video surveillance partnership, between Point of Sale system manufacturer Volante and i3DVR, a developer of digital video management systems, is hoping to change this. Their cooperation has resulted in an integrated video surveillance solution which combines a cash register's computer and a restaurant's security camera system. Here's how it works: when a customer orders food, the employee enters it into the store's POS system (a computer interfaced with the digital video surveillance system). The PACDM software registers the order from the computer on the surveillance feed - so if a customer orders a sandwich and a cup of coffee, the order will appear on the screen, with the customer and the employee handling the transaction.

This type of surveillance can be extremely helpful for reducing internal shrinkage - allowing easy synchronization between inventory and receipts, and allowing management and security to quickly scroll through surveillance footage to find exactly what they're looking for. PACDM's high quality software clearly notes the transaction time, items and total while still giving a clear image of the employee, customer, and the food involved in the transaction.

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