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For nightclub security camera thief, third time isn't a charm

Published by Jennifer on May 2, 2008 2:38 PM

Flashing lights, pounding music, beautiful people dancing...and security camera theft? Not many people associate theft with a night out dancing, but a German man in the town of Hof (in Bavaria) thought that he'd spice things up with a little thievery.

A regular at the club, the 20-year old stole two cameras from the Hof hotspot - perhaps disguising his criminal activity as some fresh new moves on the dance floor. Evidently his moves weren't smooth enough to fool the local police; after reviewing the footage from the third stolen camera, they realized the thief was a fixture at the club, and instead of going to his house, they saved gas and waited for him to show up on a Friday night.

Chalk it up to stupidity or naivite, but this boogying crook never realized that even though the camera is gone, the footage it recorded before its disappearance is not actually in the camera. Unlike camcorders (where the tape or digital storage device is located in the camera), IP cameras transmit footage to a central recording stealing the camera, an act of rebellion to say the least - does not erase the crime. Maybe next time, he should wear a mask.


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