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Ben & Jerry's security cameras serve up images of lactose-tolerant thief

Published by Dan on September 14, 2007 11:06 AM

Two of the greatest things in the world are ice cream and cash. This week in Melbourne, Florida, a cold-hearted thief visited a Ben & Jerry's ice cream shop and walked off with both. The man in question was in the process of purchasing an undisclosed varietal of ice cream when he slyly stuck his mitts into the employee tip jar and scooped out $160 in folding cash. How do we know this? It's all caught on video provided by the shop's surveillance system.


Now, Ben & Jerry's is offering five years of free ice cream to anyone who can identify the portly crook. That's a lot of delicious dairy. The beloved creamery has released security camera video stills to the public in hopes that the mystery will soon be solved.

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