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What can Brown do for you? Home surveillance cameras provide shocking answer?

Published by Dan on August 22, 2007 3:55 PM

We're all fans of UPS, right? They deliver our goods. They wear awesome matching outfits that usually involve snazzy brown shorts. What's not to love? Well, just like the rest of us, UPS workers are human and prone to occasional lapses in judgment. And sometimes those lapses are captured in vivid detail by home security cameras.

This shocking video clip shows a UPS worker using bocce-like form to loft a package onto someone's doorstep. In his defense, there were several full-size vans and a large bush impeding his path, but it's still probably best to fight through and set the package down rather than hurling it at the house. Here's the clip:

Surely the home-owner didn't set up security cameras for the sole purpose of catching delivery drivers acting afoul, but this clip does show us how effective a home surveillance system can be in providing clear images of anyone stepping foot on one's property. In other words, if the cameras worked this well at capturing Brown in the wrong, they'll most likely help to deter or identify potential burglars and other mischief makers.

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