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UK introduces regulations for home security cameras

Published by Jennifer on January 23, 2008 8:10 AM

Home surveillance in the UK is on the rise. With its citizens already holding the status of most-recorded people in the world, Britons and Scots have turned to household security cameras with hopes that IP cameras placed around their house will work as well as the myriad of security cameras that record them when in public places.

For some, it's been effective. A Scottish man near Glasgow reports that placing a camera in his yard has meant less interference and vandalism from neighborhood hooligans - they now veer away from the camera and no longer try to vandalize his house or car. This man's not alone - camera sales for personal use have skyrocketed in the past few years, up 265% since 2002.

This massive increase in home surveillance usage has meant that more people believe that CCTV cameras help secure their domiciles, but concerns have recently arisen about camera placement and neighbor privacy. Officials in the UK now maintain that regulations need to be followed when placing home security cameras to protect the privacy of neighbors and passersby. . Under the Data Protection Act, cameras that look onto a neighbor's property or public areas fall under some very strict restrictions - restrictions that many new home surveillance owners in the UK aren't aware of.

That's why new legislation is currently being drafted - to make clear the responsibilities of homeowner security cameras. Legislators hope that publicity about the new rules and regulations will help make homeowners more aware of not only their home's security, but the placement of cameras around their property and the privacy of their neighbors and fellow citizens.

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