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South Carolina neighborhood fighting for security cameras

Published by Jennifer on January 25, 2008 8:02 AM

It all started in December - random gun shots fired around the Gable Oaks neighborhood (in Columbia, SC) entered an apartment building and killed a 32-year old woman in her sleep. Shootings have continued - some bullets penetrating the walls of more residences, leaving residents petrified of leaving the inner sanctums of their homes - let alone going outside. City council members and the Gable Oaks tenant association believe the situation is at its boiling point, and have proposed the installation of several neighborhood security cameras to help combat the shots.

The new camera, also known as a SpotShotter, is specifically designed to detect gunshots. An audio input device on the IP camera recognizes gunshots, and is fitted to trace the location of the sound to within a few feet from where the gun was fired. Columbia currently has no SpotShotter cameras, and Gable Oaks is fighting to have the first camera installed - but prohibitive cost and a disagreeing Columbia Police Department have brought discussions to a standstill.

Gable Oaks leaders have taken their concerns to the county, hoping that they can have the city's very first SpotShotter, and give Gable Oaks back the safety of a real neighborhood. Read more at">.