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Pet surveillance camera catches dognapper in action

Published by Jennifer on July 10, 2008 2:27 PM

Teddy the Pomeranian has been missing for over two months and his owner has been looking for him ever since. She came so close to be reuniting with Teddy - until he was dognapped. A surveillance camera stationed in the examining room of a veterinarian's office captured the whole affair.

Let's back up a little bit - Teddy's owner, Danica Walter, has been doing everything in her power to find Teddy. Fliers, tracking his scent, placing phone calls - the whole shebang. A lucky break came in mid-June when a woman brought Teddy into a veterinarian clinic to scan for a microchip (a small tracking device planted in an animal's ear for easy identification). Teddy indeed does have a microchip; and was easily identified with a simple scan.

Here's where it gets weird. As the technicians were scanning Teddy, the woman was in the waiting room - checking out the fliers on the wall. She noticed Teddy's flier and made the connection. What happened next doesn't seem true until you see the video from the office's surveillance camera. The woman who brought Teddy to the vet barges in to the exam room, snatches up Teddy, and bolts.

So now, Danica Walter is on the lookout for two things - Teddy, of course, and the woman who has him.

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