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Old codger spearheads cul-de-sac video surveillance system

Published by Dan on July 20, 2007 4:17 PM

74-year-old Jack Wilcox saw a need in his Stockton, Calif. community, and went out and did something about it. The wily elder-statesman succeeded in convincing 55 residents of his cul-de-sac on Lake Union to each contribute $49 towards seven security cameras to protect their neighborhood. Residents will be able to access the camera footage online via their personal computers. According to Wilcox, the neighborhood has experienced a number of break-ins and the time had come to up the level of safety for its residents and their property.

As a strategy to further deter criminal activity, signs have been posted throughout the neighborhood announcing the presence of the security cameras. Along with preventing crime, the cameras could also capture valuable images of suspected individuals and license plate numbers.

The use of video surveillance equipment for homes and neighborhoods is increasing in popularity, due primarily to technological advancements and the affordability of many modern systems. In the case of Wilcox's turf, the community felt the cameras were well worth the price as a way to keep constant watch over an area that can't always be patrolled by police.

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