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Neighborhood surveillance camera catches cat burglars in action

Published by Jennifer on January 15, 2008 3:20 PM

Kelsey Canfield discovered an unsettling site at her Portland, OR house when she came home from school last Friday. Her garage door had been smashed in and her family's house had been robbed. Gone were laptops, cell phones, DVDS, jewelry, iPods, and other goodies - about $5,000 worth of items in total. After the dust had settled, the family began to ask what exactly had happened, and who could have done such a thing? In random burglaries like this, finding a suspect isn't always easy.

However, the Canfield's neighbors have a powerful weapon in this case - a home surveillance system that luckily captured the robbery at the Canfield's house. Their outdoor surveillance camera shows a red 1990 Honda Accord smashing into the Canfield's garage after a signal from an accomplice - thieves then broke into the house through the garage, grabbed their loot, and escaped in under two minutes.

The surveillance tape has given the police something to go with - suspects to identify, and a car to look for. This little neighborhood surveillance camera has given the Canfields a lucky break.

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