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Home Video Surveillance Footage to Aid in Fire Investigation

Published by Jennifer on March 21, 2007 3:19 PM

Detectives leading the investigation into the death of three-year old Callum Bland in a house fire in Northamptonshire have appealed for neighbours with CCTV cameras on their homes to come

After the unfortunate and tragic death of a three-year old during a mysterious fire, police in Wellingborough UK are asking local citizens to turn over any personal CCTV footage that might reveal more about the cause of the fire or give cause to arson.

In a country where surveillance is commonplace, and almost expected, it's interesting to see the police asking citizens for evidence from personal surveillance tapes. Authorities in the UK have long relied on video footage for the prosecution of many crimes - from minor traffic violations to major criminal acts like robbery. The installation, maintenance and monitoring of CCTV cameras uses a major portion of the UK's anti-crime budget - 75% in 1997. Cameras are prolific - common on street corners, in retail shops, and in subway stations

The solicitation of private surveillance is a good indicator that video surveilance has permeated the public sphere and is now a popular method of home security in Wellingborough and the rest of the UK. As surveillance cameras grow and become more publicly prevalent in the US, will the homes follow suit as well? Like their public counterparts, home security cameras, especially those in this instance, can help solve crimes like arson, theft and robbery - simultaneously aiding law enforcement and giving homeowners peace of mind.

Callum Bland, a three year old boy, was the only casualty of the fire. He is survived by his mother, her partner, and two siblings.

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