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Home video surveillance camera helps woman use remote monitoring to catch thieves

Published by Dan on April 13, 2009 3:06 PM

It's always nice when we see real-life success stories of home surveillance cameras proving their worth. Last week the internet was abuzz with the story of Jeanne Thomas, a Fort Lauderdale woman who was sitting at her desk at work when she got to witness her home being robbed live online. What a shock that must have been! Thankfully, Thomas was able to use her newly-installed remote video monitoring system to help police nab the thieves right there on the spot.

This video clip shows how it all went down:

Thomas installed the home security camera after her house was burglarized previously. She had a hunch the thieves would came back, and that hunch proved to be right. On the day of the second robbery, she happened to login to access the camera just in time to see the whole scene unfold. She quickly called the police, and they were able to surround the home before the thieves could even make it out the door. Now that's proactive video surveillance at its best.

Home surveillance systems like Thomas' are becoming more and more popular. Prices on these systems can be quite affordable, and the technology has greatly improved. Thanks to remote video monitoring and improved image quality, home owners can now view high-quality video images of their homes live online, and can also record the footage if incidents need to be analyzed down the road.

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