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Home surveillance camera causes Halloween havoc for pumpkin smashers

Published by Dan on November 9, 2007 2:21 PM

Smashing pumpkins is a tradition as old as time itself. When autumn leaves fall, and the season of candy-hoarding and turkey-basting hits full bloom, those bright orange gourds become prime targets for anyone with a strong arm, or a good pair of steel-toed boots. But for a group of young pumpkin punishers in Baltimore, the experience could come back to haunt, thanks to one man's home surveillance system, and the irrefutable video evidence it provided.

Scott Finman's Wyman Park neighborhood was the target of several ruthless pumpkin attacks last month. After the experience hit home, literally, with the loss of several pumpkins from his own doorstep, Finman reviewed the video captured by his home security camera and found overhead images of the culprits tossing his pumpkins to the ground with little to no regard for humanity. He then posted the video on the Internet and asked for the public's help in tracking down the little punks behind the pumpkin poaching. So far, one suspect has been identified, though his guilt has yet to be proven.

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