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Another Reason to Invest in Home Surveillance: Sometimes the Realtor Snoops

Published by Ellen on June 28, 2012 9:02 AM

As hard as it is to accept, sometimes people you welcome into your household will comb through your personal items in search of prescription drugs, jewelry, hidden money, or small electronics like iPods and DVDs when you're not around. It usually takes a while to notice that a small item has gone missing. People we tend to trust being alone in our homes like house-cleaners, neighbors feeding our dog when we're on vacation, and even real estate agents are sometimes not as trustworthy as we'd like to think.

A homeowner, who recently put her house up for sale in Portage, Chicago, came across disturbing footage on her motion sensor video surveillance camera. Her realtor, who had access to her home, was caught on video snooping through her kitchen cabinet while she was away.

The homeowner explained to NBC Chicago exactly what happened next: "He opens them up, [and] then sees there's medication in there; it's all right in the front-- takes out one of them. You can see that he picked it up and puts it back in. Comes around the corner here, grabs a chair, [and] brings it back over there. Then he goes to the front window, looks outside. Then he gets up on the chair and looks at everything in that cabinet."

She believes that the reason her realtor didn't actually take any of the medications is because they were all over-the-counter drugs. The realtor is well known in the community, and has generated a lot of business in the past. The Portage Police are now investigating the incident.

"You want to sell your house and you have to be open. But when there are people out there that are going to do this, it makes you sad," the woman said. The Greater Northwest Indiana Association of Realtors will decide if the agent's misdoing violates their Code of ethics.

One commenter who read the story wrote, "I'm surprised this isn't reported more. I hear of these stories all the time. This goes to show having a good home security system in your home pays off." Another wrote, "Wow, makes [you] wonder who you can trust."

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