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Wireless surveillance and law enforcement interface to protect CO school

Published by Jennifer on May 30, 2007 3:28 PM

One of the biggest concerns many people have when in the market for a video surveillance camera is "How do I know it'll work?" Their concerns aren't completely unfounded - surveillance cameras are great at identification and constant monitoring, but what happens when you have a true emergency on your hands? Security With Advanced Technology has introduced a system it hopes will demonstrate the potential that developing technology has for improving video surveillance.

Security With Advanced Technology has recently announced that its new AgileMesh surveillance technology will be used in high schools around the Castle Rock, CO school district. Unlike other school surveillance systems, AgileMesh systems are specifically designed to easily interface with monitors and surveillance equipment used by local law enforcement. AgileMesh is an advanced "blanket" wireless network designed by Security With Advanced Technology which will allow both fixed and mobile security cameras to quickly transmit footage to mobile and fixed viewing stations in case of an emergency. This allows police, fire and other emergency staff to respond even more quickly to any critical situation that may arise.

With school security more critical than ever, this type of development could drastically help security at schools all over the country - including colleges and universities. Further advances, especially identifying technology like video analytics, could help make this even more helpful to authorities.

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