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Wide Video Surveillance Watch Shuts Down NYC Robbery Spree

Published by Dan on March 2, 2007 10:49 AM

In New York City, a trio of thieves has been pilfering local Duane Reade pharmacy outlets on a consistent basis since mid-January. The spree intensified last week when the burglars upped their workload to two heists per day, reeling in tens of thousands of dollars along the way. What the thieves didn't know was that security officials had been methodically planning their capture. On Monday, Feb. 26, that plan came to fruition. 140 plainclothes officers were staked throughout Manhattan's 47 Duane Reade stores. Officers in a central observation room then monitored video surveillance footage fed from each store's security camera system.

In the wee hours of the morning, surveillance cameras spotted the suspects going through the motions of yet another burglary, this time at the Second Avenue and 47th Street Duane Reade location. Officers in the observation room alerted those in the area of the store, and the bust was on. Two of the suspects were immediately detained, while the third creatively snuck to the back of the store and took off his jacket, revealing a fake security guard outfit. His thoughtful escape was foiled however, by the store's surveillance cameras which captured his every move. Officers apprehended him on his way out of the store.

As an added bonus to this arrest, the officers' careful eye in monitoring the Duane Reade security cameras also allowed police to capture several individuals involved in a violent drug dispute.

It was quite a day for the police department's central robbery division. By monitoring a large system of surveillance cameras in retail locations, they were able to shut down a huge robbery ring, and bring a separate group of dangerous criminals to justice.

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