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Video Surveillance Installed to Catch Vandals in National Historic Park

Published by Ellen on October 12, 2012 9:39 AM

To all those thieves and vandals out in cyberspace: If you snap a photo of yourself posed with an item you stole, or one where you're standing in front of a historic monument that you vandalized, it's probably not the best idea to post it on your Facebook or Twitter account. Believe it or not, your friends and acquaintances will see these photos, and eventually law enforcement will come across them through a simple social media search. Busted!

To date, five park vandals have already been caught via social media channels for posting photos of themselves standing in front of a defaced Civil War Cannon at the Cumberland Gap National Historic Park in Kentucky. The vandals then share these images for their friends to see. This is the perfect example of stupidity at its finest.

Now the park rangers have decided to place high-tech video surveillance cameras throughout the Cumberland Gap National Historic Park to deter vandals, and capture those on video who vandalize the invaluable artifact. The eye-catching cannon was actually used in the Civil War, so it is imperative to preserve it and keep it safe from vandals. The vandals made an indelible mark when they carved their initials and names- and even profanity- directly onto the cannon's surface.

The video surveillance cameras installed in the park will enable park rangers to do their day job instead of constantly looking out for suspicious persons and/or vandals, who have clearly demonstrated their penchant for despoiling the Civil War Cannon.

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