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Vidalia, Louisiana to Install 18 Day/Night Cameras in Police Department Building

Published by Ellen on June 25, 2012 9:52 AM

Vidalia is currently in the process of outfitting the city's Police Department with 18 indoor and outdoor day/night security cameras to monitor the premises. In addition to the Vidalia Police Department, the city plans to outfit other key areas with security cameras, including such public places as riverfronts, streets and parks. As reported by, the video cameras have the ability to zoom in on objects and persons over two miles away, providing law enforcement with a clear view of all activity in and out of the building. Next up to receive cameras is the City Hall and fire department.

Just last year, video surveillance cameras were installed in police squad cars to monitor the front and back of the vehicles. Once a police officer turns his or her lights on, the camera starts recording. City Information Technology Administrator Bob Buseck explains that the surveillance cameras installed in the squad cars are there simply to document all police stops: "The officers themselves have no ability to edit or change the video whatsoever. These videos allow us to document and have on record exactly what occurs during a traffic stop or an arrest. It's for the safety of the officer and the person being brought in," he said.

Every inch of the 8,000 square feet of the department building will be scrutinized by the surveillance cameras, including the building's exterior. The video recorded will be carefully analyzed by the IT department to ensure that the building's occupants are safe. Moreover, video feeds can be accessed via a mobile phone application for devices like the iPhone.

Buseck emphasized the objective of improving safety: "This is all part of one big network that we're trying to create for the city of Vidalia. All of this is to make Vidalia a safe place to live and keep being the city on the move."