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Texas Jail Requests More Surveillance

Published by Jennifer on February 27, 2007 2:54 PM

Fifty nine video surveillance cameras currently watch over the Guadalupe county jail, and officials want more. Concerned with drug trafficking and prisoner safety, Sheriff Arnold Zwicke is requesting the replacement of 15 current cameras and the addition of 45 more, bringing the total to 104.

Prisons face many problems - drugs, theft, violence and gangs, to name a few. There's no way for  guards to be everywhere at once and maintain safety and order. That's what the cameras are for. Since 2001, Zwicke has dutifully maintained the jail's camera system and has aimed to keep every camera in working condition. He sees the cameras as the best opportunity to reduce the drug trafficking problem that is rampant in the jail and in neighboring Comal county.

Cameras are set up in different locations around the jail and are monitored from a central control room. Footage is used in tandem with guard patrols to maintain order within the jail efficiently.

Video surveillance in jails and prison is becoming a popular security solution. Because the cameras are centrally monitored, they give guards an opportunity the ability to check up on any area of the prison at any time. With over 2 million people currently incarcerated in federal or state prisons or local jails, security is more important than ever.


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