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Security Cameras will soon arrive at New York City Housing Authority Buildings

Published by Ellen on July 17, 2012 9:08 AM

Five housing authority buildings in New York are eagerly awaiting the arrival of security cameras. A spate of robberies, drug deals, street fights, and even a shooting that occurred in one of the building's playground last year has prompted the demand for increased security.

The Daily News reported that there had been a huge delay in installing the video surveillance cameras, but now after building residents are speaking out about their fear, the Housing Authority is now ready to tap into $42 million of unused funding to equip five buildings with indoor and outdoor security cameras.

Residents have expressed their anger about the lack of security cameras, as some have been personally robbed as well as witnessed actual violence in front of them as they've entered and exited their buildings. The Brooklyn building on Vernon Avenue is especially concerned after they discovered that the front door has a broken lock, allowing nonresidents to get into the building.

What's startling is that shootings climbed by 28% in 2012 in the city's projects according to a recent article from the New York Daily News. Furthermore, roughly 20% of New York's crime occurs in housing projects spread throughout the boroughs. The first bank of security cameras are expected to be installed in some of the buildings in late July 2012.

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