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Scottish police officers first to try built-in uniform security cameras

Published by Jennifer on January 21, 2008 2:19 PM

In an effort to further reduce crime in the city of Tayside, the Scottish city has decided to outfit its police force with a tiny video surveillance camera mounted directly onto the uniform starting next June. Tayside has been at the forefront of surveillance technology before - it was the first Scottish town to add security cameras to patrol bikes in 2006.

The new cameras, which will be small enough to fit on body armor or on police jackets, are designed to help officers capture "primary evidence" during crime investigations - objective information that would otherwise be gained through subjective witness interviews and other recollections of the crime itself. Officers hope that footage obtained from these cameras will also be effective in prosecutions and court proceedings.

Scotland and the rest of the UK are no stranger to video surveillance. With one camer for every twelve citizens, those in the United Kingdom are the most watched in the world. CCTV cameras are integral to maintaining security, claim safety officials, and adding these cameras at the officer level will likely help make evidence and court proceedings easier.

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