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San Diego in Process of Installing 14 Surveillance Cameras in Mission Bay

Published by Ellen on June 12, 2012 8:22 AM

Fourteen new video surveillance cameras will soon have homes on top of docks, light poles, and lifeguard stations in Mission Bay, San Diego. To date, cameras have already been installed at the San Diego Lifeguard Headquarters, the Ocean Beach Pier, Vacation Island, and Mission Point. In just two weeks, the brand new security cameras will be fully operational and ready to record in 12 new locations.

The cameras were made possible by a $385 million dollar grant given to the city by the Department of Homeland Security. Tourists visiting San Diego are already feeling safer from the presence of the security cameras that have already been installed thus far: "I'd rather have them here, and if something goes wrong to have footage of it than to not have anything at all," says Carrie Watts, a visitor from Canada who believes that the surveillance cameras make the area much safer for everyone.

Darren Pudgil, San Diego Mayor's Spokesperson, explains that the video surveillance cameras serve as a vital evidentiary tool while also forestalling crime in the neighborhood. With cameras in the surrounding area already up and working, the idea is for the new cameras to boost the security and safety levels. He went on to say, "There are hundreds of thousands of people who visit Mission Bay and there are criminal incidents there and there's potential for terrorism too." With enhanced surveillance, San Diego Police, lifeguards, the Coast Guard, and the Department of Homeland Security will have direct access to the video footage, allowing them to monitor any suspicious activity.

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