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Robbers Learn a Lesson on Safety Glass

Published by Ellen on August 10, 2012 7:53 AM

These two aspiring robbers figured that throwing a baseball through a glass window would be enough to make their entrance into a bank. Why not, right? You throw it as hard as you can at the window, break it, and voila, you're in the building. Unfortunately for these two, the window was made from laminated glass, also known as "safety glass." Often used for banks, greenhouse windows, and vehicles, this type of glass is made with a plastic film that keeps the glass intact when objects try to penetrate it.

Robber #1, whose role it was to remain on the look-out, casually stands in front of the glass window with his back facing it as his accomplice Robber #2 attempts to throw a baseball at the window. The ball quickly bounces off the glass, hitting Robber #1 square in the head. Once he's collapsed, Robber #2 throws it a second time with unabated force, but only this time he receives a nice blow to the head after the ball bounces back once again. Mission: FAIL!

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