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Piedmont, CA Pushes for Surveillance Cams

Published by Ellen on March 7, 2013 10:42 AM

The upscale town of Piedmont, California refuses to let burglars get away with their crime. After a torrent of burglaries made their way into Piedmont, residents have spoken out in favor of installing high-end surveillance cameras on every street within city limits.

Nearly 30 streets may soon be outfitted with security cameras in an effort to protect the town's 11,000 residents. Piedmont came up with the idea after the city of Tiburon installed license plate recognition cameras on every street. Thanks to the sophisticated technology of these cameras, Tiburon has seen a significant reduction in the number of burglaries. All vehicles passing through Tiburon are photographed, identified, and stored in a database. This citywide initiative began in 2010 and has since helped police catch numerous criminals.

A groundswell of support from Piedmont's residents sparked the city's push for surveillance cameras. Thomas Hawk, a photographer and blogger based in Piedmont, is among those who support the installation of security cameras: "If all major areas in and out of Piedmont had cameras, home invasion thugs would just as soon go hit someplace that wasn't covered extensively by cameras. Even if criminals used a stolen car, police would know the direction that it was headed out of town afterwards, the license plate number and the exact make and model of the vehicle -- which would be better than a general description of a generic SUV." His views were shared on Piedmont Patch, the city's chief news source and social forum.

Only time will tell if the city chooses to implement such a plan. For now, residents will continue to fight for surveillance cameras until the city takes action.

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