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New Rhode Island police station equipped with IP surveillance system using scalable Milestone IP video software

Published by Dan on April 11, 2008 3:59 PM

Charlestown, Rhode Island's new police station was built with features designed to handle future surveillance upgrades not only for video security in and around the station, but also for monitoring the entire community. The station's IP surveillance system uses a mix of Videology and Axis network cameras, analog IR cameras run through video encoders, and Milestone XProtect video management software.

A central radio dispatch and control room allows operators to monitor the security cameras and manage recorded footage. Surveillance cameras are positioned in the police station's hallways, entrances and exits, holding cells, and interrogation rooms. The department's fleet of police cars and boats is also monitored.

One of the biggest benefits of the IP surveillance system its scalability. The city is considering an expanding network that would include wide-spread video security public buildings and areas such as parks, beaches, and the Town Hall.

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