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Los Angeles Welcomes Wireless Surveillance Network

Published by Dan on March 16, 2007 10:36 AM

The city of Los Angeles is deploying a unique wireless surveillance network to keep watch over the Jordan Downs public-housing complex. Officials hope the system will improve safety for residents in one of the city's most dangerous crime-infested areas. The network consists of 10 wireless surveillance cameras and MOTOMESH, Motorola's wireless broadband network. MOTOMESH provides WiFi access to the public and will allow emergency responders to remain in constant communication, even while on the move. The inclusion of MOTOMESH also allows the system to expand far beyond Jordan Downs and over the entire city if officials decide to broaden the network.

One element of the system that adds enhanced efficiency is Motorola's Mobile Video Sharing technology which enables responders to share video, and officers to access the footage from laptops and handheld devices such as PDAs and even cell phones. Officers cans monitor the action while in transit, and can control pan and zoom camera functions to focus in on suspicious activity.

The ability of responders to share live video feeds is a significant step forward in surveillance technology. Instead of just alerting officers to a problem, responders can now actually present video footage to officers as they approach the scene, giving them a clear picture of what's taking place.

While the Jordan Downs network was only unveiled to the public today, it has actually been operational, in various stages of installation, for six to eight months. During that time, it's reported that major crime went down 32 percent from the previous year.

These advancements in wireless network technology offer a promising look at the direction video surveillance is going, and how such surveillance can provide police with stronger communication than ever before.

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