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Installation of 3 Security Cameras in Tignish, Prince Edward Island Lowers Crime

Published by Ellen on May 25, 2012 10:37 AM

Tignish is a quaint little town, home to a population of approximately of 758 people. Located on Prince Edward Island, the town's most noteworthy attraction is the St. Simon and St. Jude Catholic Church. Excellent fishing and country cottages appeal to tourists.

So, when reckless driving, petty crimes, and destruction of property became a sudden problem seven months ago, the community council decided to do something about it. Instead of trying to catch reckless drivers who speed off and are difficult to keep up with, in addition to other various smalltime criminals, the community council thought it would be best to invest in three high-end video surveillance cameras.


Since they've been implemented, crime has dropped. A few weeks back in early May, a person was pulled over and arrested for reckless driving in the immediate area where the security cameras were mounted. Charges were brought against the suspect, and that meant one less reckless driver in the community. Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers are able to routinely view the recorded video for any tips that might lead to a suspected crime taking place, enabling them to keep a close eye on the community.

"Liquor control offenses and things of that nature have been reduced in the community," spoke Prince County RCMP Staff Sgt. Jamie George.

Gerard LeClair, Community Council Chair is pleased with the results as are the residents: "The residents in and around those areas where those cameras have been placed, we've been getting a lot of positive feedback that they've noticed a difference."

O'Leary, a community situated in West Prince Edward Island is following its lead by also investing in a video surveillance system. The cameras will be up in the next few weeks.

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