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Hidden surveillance cameras in Philadelphia used to hunt down illegal dumpers

Published by Jennifer on April 25, 2008 10:37 AM

Usually we think of hidden cameras as being squirreld away in buttonholes and cleverly placed in newspapers and briefcases during high-stakes criminal investigations or by spies trying to crack open state secrets. Not so in Philadelphia. THe city has recently announced the introduction of mobile covert surveillance cameras to help control the city's rampant problems with illegal dumping.

It may not be the most mysterious or exciting crime, but illegal dumping is certainly a problem in Philadelphia. Trash, furniture and left-behind clothes, appliances and other household ephemera litter the streets of Philadelpha - causing problems not only with cleanup, but with general quality of life. As the city tries to outgrow its reputation of high crime and grasp the cosmopolitan image it personifies, the problem of illegal dumping persists and drags down the image of the city.

Mobile, hidden surveillance cameras will be placed near areas with chronic dumping problems - and it's hoped that careful monitoring and recognition of dumping patterns will lead to the apprehension of illegal dumpers.

In recent years, Philadelphia has experienced a cultural renaissance of sorts - reviving it's vibrant historical past and becoming a city of culture, art and nightlife, and not just a stop on the way to New York. Hopefully these municipal surveillance cameras will help keep Philadelphia known for cheesesteaks, the Liberty Bell and Constitution Hall - not abandoned couches.

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