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Hialeah, FL police use surveillance to end game of tag with graffiti artists

Published by Jennifer on November 28, 2007 4:15 PM

It's more than common - graffiti, street art, vandalism, tagging...Whatever word you choose to assign to it, it's pervasive. Police and law enforcement around the world have been playing a game of cat-and-mouse with graffiti artists for years, only able to follow clues and witness accounts to prosecute street artists - who often slink and spray under the cover of darkness.

Now, the Hialeah, FL police department hopes that a new tool - video surveillance - can help nab the graffiti artists and finally bring police to the same level as criminals. Surveillance video from private property - warehouses, dump trucks and other buildings in Hialeah's industrial district, has clearly recorded images of several men meandering throughout the area and wantonly vandalizing property.

With thousands of dollars in damages and many business owners enraged at the vandalism, apparently the vandals are the only appreciators of their art. Surveillance video from the scene has been spread around by police and business owners, and they're hoping that the crystal clear images of their faces and bodies will help identify the criminals.

Video surveillance and cameras in public places have a lot of promise when it comes to preventing vandalism - for the first time, it lets police see who tags up a building and when, and gives them clues that were otherwise impossible to pursue before.

Do you know who these vandals are? Check out their pictures at WSVN-TV.

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