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Flash Robbers Steal $3k Worth of Goods

Published by Ellen on July 31, 2012 8:35 AM

Just this past weekend, over 20 adolescents raided a popular Chicago clothing boutique where they stole $3,000 worth of designer jeans. Immediately afterwards, the store owner posted the surveillance tape of the crime on his YouTube account in the hope of catching the suspects.

The robbers began their efforts by crashing Mildbend Supply Co. at Wicker Park before approaching the boutique. The owner could tell that something was not right as the teens rushed inside; he then locked the front door to ensure that no one else could get into his store. Sensing something bad was about to happen, the owner quickly informed his staff of what was going on and called 911.

The bulk of the unruly crowd headed towards the back of the store to steal the designer jeans, which have a retail value of $200 per pair. As the teens began stuffing jeans in their backpacks, more of them began banging at the store's front entrance to be let in by staff. Fortunately, these persons weren't able to gain access to the store but the remaining teens inside were able to pry the door open and make a quick escape.

As of Sunday, no arrests have been made. The police weren't able to arrive at the scene quick enough; several streets were closed for a local festival. The video shows a swarm of teens infiltrating the sales floor, where they brazenly grabbed jeans off of racks and sifted through folded jeans on the display shelves.

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