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Dallas, Texas Expands Citywide Surveillance with 600 New Security Cameras

Published by Ellen on December 18, 2012 10:34 AM

In an effort to foil crime and increase public safety, the city of Dallas, Texas will add 600 new security cameras to its citywide surveillance system. The Dallas Police Department has concentrated on 27 areas that are prone to crime, all of which will soon be outfitted with new cameras and video management software upgrades.

The overall objective of the security camera upgrades, according to the city's mayor, is to make its residents feel safer: "I think public safety is job number one. Crime has been coming down over the last years, but there are still those hot spots. We've got to have the cameras for those hot spots," spoke Mayor Mike Rawlings.

The Dallas Police Department will have both on-site and remote access to the surveillance cameras thanks to sophisticated video management software that comes built into the digital video recorders. Areas that will be monitored around the clock include police headquarters and Dallas City Hall.

The majority of downtown workers are in favor of the new cameras, saying that their placement will help capture crimes on camera. After studying the cameras for over a year, the Police Department is confident that the new upgrades will keep the public better protected.