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County courthouse looks to install security cameras

Published by Dan on March 28, 2008 3:50 PM

The Wood County Courthouse in Parkersburg, West Virginia will soon experience a security upgrade with the installation of a comprehensive video surveillance system. The new security cameras will supplement a keycard access control system which was installed in the 109-year-old courthouse several years ago. While the keycards are able to track who enters the building, the surveillance cameras will provide video images of everyone who enters and leaves the facility.

Another area of particular concern is the deed room. There have been instances where individuals have torn pages from the deed and lien books. With proper video surveillance, it will be easy to go back and identify the culprits when this happens.

Bids for the surveillance system are currently under review. One proposed system includes seven cameras, a digital video recorder, and a server with a five gigabyte hard drive. Images would be stored for up to 16 days in case an investigation requires video evidence, and the cameras would be monitored from any computer within the courthouse.

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