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City Security Cameras in Buffalo, NY Help Identify Shooting Suspect

Published by Ellen on October 2, 2012 1:03 PM

The City of Buffalo, New York is outfitted with a high-end surveillance camera system that acts as both a crime deterrent and valuable evidentiary tool for police. The city's first security camera went up just five years ago.

Just last week, city surveillance cameras captured a street shooting on video, getting the license plate number from the car that fled the scene immediately afterwards. Once police traced the license plate number to the driver's family, the shooting suspect then surrendered. The driver, who was not the shooting suspect, is charged with criminal facilitation for driving off with the suspect.

Buffalo Mayor Byron W. Brown commented that the arrest "shows the efficiency of the surveillance camera system and the importance of having the well-trained camera monitors who function at Buffalo Police Headquarters. The work of the police monitor got the surveillance camera in the Hamlin Park area to zero in on the license plate of the car that led to Gray's arrest. This quick arrest really helped reduce fears in the community."