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CCTV Footage Identifies Suspect in Cricket Murder

Published by Jennifer on April 24, 2007 12:01 PM

After the surprising and tragic slaying of Pakistani national cricket coach Bob Woolmer at the world championships in Jamaica, authorities have revealed that they have identified a suspect in the case thanks to digitally enhanced surveillance footage.

Not much is publicly known about Woolmer's sudden death, but rumors of the vindication and wrongdoing have been circulating around the cricket world since he was discovered dead in his hotel room early morning March 18th.

Officials from the Scotland Yard have claimed, according to The Times of India, that CCTV footage from the Kingston, Jamaica hotel where Woolmer was staying has revealed information regarding possible suspects in the case. This isn't the first time that surveillance footage from a hotel has been fingered in a murder investigation - just a few days ago, Anna Nicole Smith's death and investigation was complicated further by the introduction of hotel footage.

Woolmer's homicide has been considered a homicide since the beginning of the investigation, but the undetermined cause has been debated over and over. First, there was suspicion of strangling and asphyxiation, and now rumors of snake venom or other forced poisonings are beginning to arise. Whatever the cause, it's hoped that the further investigation of the revealed suspect will lead to more concrete conclusions around Woolmer's tragic and early death.

Read more at the Wikipedia article about Woolmer's murder investigaton

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