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Multi-Quad TV Out Solution Works to Make Factory and Plant Surveillance More Effective

Published by Dan on May 7, 2007 9:58 AM

There are many challenges involved in providing comprehensive video surveillance for industrial locations such as factories and plants. Such locations often include vast building areas which require a large number of cameras installed in various sections such as the warehouse, assembly lines, and shipping areas. Security staff faced with the task of continuous monitoring must deal with the day to day monotony while remaining poised and ready to react to a situation at a moment's notice. Additionally, since the area of coverage is so large, it can be difficult to quickly pinpoint where exactly an incident is occurring, especially if multiple alarms are triggered simultaneously.

GeoVision recently introduced its DVR with Multi-Quad TV out system as a way to increase the efficiency of real-time video monitoring and response times in complicated areas such as these.

The system allows security operators to focus in on specific activity immediately without having to sort through excessive alerts and alarms. It provides security personnel with video alerts spotlighting specific motion-triggered and alarm-triggered activity on separate viewing monitors. Operators can also be notified of incidents through full channel scan or video pop-ups. The system is capable of forwarding 16 video channels to 5 different monitors, including a main monitor and 4 call monitors.

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