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Freightliner secures Manchester terminal with Axis network video surveillance

Published by Margeaux on January 27, 2011 12:16 PM

Freightliner, a leading British rail transportation company, upgraded its analog surveillance system to Axis network cameras at its Manchester terminal. Using outdoor-ready Axis cameras, Freightliner is able to identify people and get an overview of operations as well as zoom in on fine details, such as license plates and container IDs.

In addition to improving security, Axis network surveillance helps Freightliner optimize operations.

"We can now monitor traffic queues at the gates and it also helps us plan the allocation of equipment around the site, as the cameras can monitor what is needed in a specific location," says Andy Murphy, deputy general manager of terminals.

Freightliner uses a collection of Axis 211, Axis P1343, Axis 233D and Axis 232D network cameras to monitor the vast terminal. This robust mix of cameras allows operators to track people and containers to maintain safety and analyze efficiency.

In fact, having easily-searchable video archives has proven itself beneficial in other ways. Now when Freightliner receives a claim of a damaged container, operators can simply search video archives to determine whether it was damaged upon its arrival or after.

"We needed a solution that would allow us to speed up this process and share footage electronically with others quickly and easily,” says Murphy.

Freightliner is in the process of upgrading other terminals to network video surveillance with Axis cameras.