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Tourist hotspot Edinburgh Castle gets CCTV upgrade

Published by Dan on December 6, 2007 8:23 AM

Edinburgh Castle, the top tourist attraction is Scotland, is replacing its existing analog CCTV cameras with a new, IP-based video surveillance system. Using IndigoVision's IP Video technology, the new system will offer greater flexibility, remote video monitoring, and can be easily upgraded without disrupting the sensitive areas of the castle. What's most interesting is that, along with hosting millions of visitors each year, the Edinburgh Castle also continues to be occupied by the army. The military presence combined with the constant stream of tourists makes it all the more important to have an effective video security system.

Phase 1 of the IP Video system is already complete. A network fiber backbone has been laid out, cameras have been installed throughout the castle, and a control room has been established with monitoring and recording equipment. The control center will use video and alarm management software to monitor the live video feeds, while recorded footage will be stored digitally on a stand-alone network video recorder (NVR). And because the system uses IP network cameras, footage can be viewed remotely, not just from the current control center. The flexibility of the system also allows the cameras, monitoring stations, and NVRs to be relocated to any point on the network.

The new cameras are a mix of indoor and outdoor fixed domes. Phase 2 of the project involves installing 25 additional IP cameras using wireless network links. This eliminates the need for extensive wiring, which saves the castle from potential harm.

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