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Surveillance cameras aid Long Beach police in monitoring parade

Published by Dan on October 12, 2007 1:45 PM

Last weekend in Long Beach, security cameras operating on a mesh network helped keep the peace during the annual Irish Heritage Festival. While the festival is all about good times, big crowds are often conducive to criminal activity, so the Long Beach police force wasn't taking any chances. With 60 officers on patrol, and security cameras out in the open as well as on top buildings, they did their best to ensure the safety of the festival's participants and revelers.

The surveillance system, using mesh technology, included seven nodes controlling 12 cameras which were situated in high-threat areas throughout the crowded festival streets. Video footage from the security cameras was delivered live to a mobile command center set up in a field communications van. It was the first time the system had been used for a major event, and from all accounts, the cameras did their job. While public drunkenness and fights have historically been a problem at the festival, officers and spectators on hand reported a much tamer atmosphere at this year's event.

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