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Surveillance Camera Integration Featured in New Ubisoft Video Game

Published by Ellen on June 19, 2013 7:48 AM

Watch Dogs, a new video game, developed by Ubisoft, is attracting a lot of attention from the gaming community, as well as the media. Through the eyes of a vigilante named Aiden Pearson, players can hack into smartphones and public security camera systems in Chicago's virtual streets.

Pearson's character can quickly learn revealing facts about a person (i.e. their credit score, criminal history, age, etc.) by eavesdropping on them or monitoring their whereabouts. However, if Pearson abuses a surveillance device that's likely to cause harm to others, he can be penalized, which prevents the player from moving up in the game. An example of this might include tampering with a traffic camera or public surveillance camera that serves to protect the public.

What can be gleaned from a game like Watch Dogs? Surveillance is a necessary and important measure to reducing crime and keeping the public safe from harm. Do yourself a favor and work with an experienced IP Video Integrator like to ensure your systems are protected against hackers. Don't become a victim of someone like Aiden Pearson.

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