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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame uses Mobotix network cameras to monitor pieces of music history

Published by Amelia on July 6, 2009 5:01 PM

New York City's Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Annex is using high resolution IP network cameras from Mobotix to help monitor the valuable music memorabilia exhibited at the museum. The Hall of Fame was opened in November 2008 as an add-on to the Cleveland Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and features 25,000 square feet of rock and roll artifacts.

Choosing a video surveillance system was a challenge. The New York location houses galleries that feature special lighting and sound designed to make patrons feel like they are at a rock concert. Some of the exhibits had pulsing and low-light conditions, which ruled out traditional closed-circuit TV technology. Museum security officials also wanted a system that could be monitored remotely and one that was able to be flexible with the ever-changing layout of the exhibits. A system of 48 high resolution IP network cameras from Mobotix was able to satisfy the needs of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The new Mobotix video surveillance system retains footage for up to a month, and remote management provides extra levels of security for visitors and exhibits.

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