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Rev Run takes home surveillance to MTV

Published by Jennifer on April 30, 2007 7:53 AM

Hip hop mogul Joseph "Rev Run" Simmons is known for many things. A pioneer of modern music, reverend and bona fide family man, Simmons' life has been shared with MTV audiences for three seasons now in the hit reality show "Run's House."

Run's house, which showcases the life of Joseph Simmons, his wife Victoria, and their five children, has the drama and dynamics of any reality show, with the requisite drama and family bonding. In one episode, "To Catch a Thief," Run brings a unique twist to home surveillance - humor.

In the episode, Run suspects that his youngest sun, Russy, is pilfering family electronics (an iPod and a laptop) and other things (like belts) and hiding them in his room. After several frustrating episodes and no answers, Simmons decides to seek out honesty from the most objective of sources: a surveillance camera.

Instead of installing a specialized home surveillance camera, Run uses a digital camcorder, disguised inside a parrot pinata, in an attempt to finger Russy as the family thief. Indeed, Run does observe Russy with more than one missing family object, including a black leather belt which is stowed inside a sock and hidden beneath Russy's bunk bed. This footage is used to discipline Russy later, and as a lesson to remember.

The instances of home surveillance in "To Catch a Thief" not only show how common place home security cameras have become, but to also show that home surveillance is different from other types of video security. Unlike larger installations, home security cameras don't necessarily have to be standard CCTV or IP cameras. Like in "To Catch a Thief," homeowners have different options for video security, like camcorders, or even better, web cams. Unlike camcorders, which rely on batteries or an AC-powered charger, web cams are pc-powered and can be more discreetly placed, making them a better option for longer periods of home recording. PC-powered webcams can also be programmed to start recording when motion is detected, which further cuts down on the use of power and increases the efficiency in recording and monitoring.

Homeowners are sure to be the group that benefits the most from developing security technology. While most businesses already use some sort of video surveillance technology, home surveillance was not a feasible option for many until now.

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