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Newly released surveillance footage adds interesting twist to Princess Diana investigation

Published by Jennifer on October 4, 2007 10:33 AM

Ten years after the fatal crash that killed beloved Diana, Princess of Wales and her companion, Dodi Fayed, the cause of Diana's death is still extremely controversial. Many accuse Diana's driver, Henri Paul, of being intoxicated - which explains the deadly crash. Now, surveillance footage from the Paris Ritz-Carlton, where Diana and Fayed were staying, has shed new light on the argument over Paul's sobriety.

For years, it was thought that Paul had been driving intoxicated, as his autopsy showed that his blood alcohol level was higher than acceptable - but was widely met with controversy about the legitimacy of the test (Paul's stomach was punctured during the accident, allowing any possible alcohol in his stomach to immediately flood his blood).

In the security camera footage, however, Paul is shown to be alert; running back and forth without stumbling, tying his shoes, and kneeling in the lobby, with alert eyes and an apparently sober and steady disposition. He appears to have conversations with his passengers.

The surveillance cameras show Paul in an elevator with Diana and Fayed, as well as in the hotel's lobby. Two paparazzi photos show Paul driving Diana, Fayed and their bodyguard away prior to the accident. Will the surveillance footage dispel the controversy that still rages around this tragedy, ten years later? Most likely not, but it may grant some relief to the millions around the world who are still grieving the loss of Princess Diana.

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