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Museum surveillance cameras installed at Kokomo Event Center

Published by Dan on August 27, 2008 3:57 PM

A new surveillance system has been installed to watch over visitors at the Automotive Heritage Museum in Indiana's Kokomo Event Center. The system includes 16 security cameras that provide staff with the ability monitor visitors in the museum's display areas which contain hundreds of cars as well as memorabilia.

The museum has had problems with people climbing over the display ropes, and even piling into the cars. The surveillances cameras are meant to serve as a deterrent to inappropriate activity and vandalism, and increase the level of safety for everyone in the museum.

Signs are posted at the entrance to the museum, and in the gift shop, to alert visitors that security cameras are in use. In order to capture footage of each visitor entering the facility, surveillance cameras are placed near the entrance, where they can monitor and follow anyone who walks into the museum. The cameras are monitored by museum staff from a central office, and the footage is stored in case a situation requires further investigation.

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