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Milwaukee to deploy portable security cameras for fair and festival surveillance

Published by Dan on August 15, 2008 11:12 AM

The city of Milwaukee will be purchasing a network of portable surveillance cameras to monitor crowds at large public events in the city and its surrounding counties. The cameras will be deployed, as requested by police agencies, for everything from concerts and county fairs, to festivals and livestock shows.

While the city hasn't settled on a system yet, one model under strong consideration features a wireless surveillance camera mounted on a trailer. Once the trailer moves into place, the camera can elevate above the crowd to provide wide-area surveillance. Police can control the camera remotely to zero in on suspicious activity, and can also save captured images on laptop computers.

The benefits of this type of system include rapid deployment, and the flexibility of being able to set up for surveillance anywhere, on demand. Police will be able to quickly deploy the security cameras when large events occur, and can take them down just as rapidly. The city hopes to have the mobile surveillance systems in place when the outdoor festival season begins next spring.

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