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Milestone XProtect helps Casino Copenhagen manage large-scale surveillance network

Published by Dan on March 19, 2010 4:00 PM

A new IP-based surveillance system is up and running at Casino Copenhagen. The system features several hundred network cameras all managed with Milestone XProtect IP video software. Like all casinos, Casino Copenhagen relies on video surveillance to meet strict security requirements, and to manage internal procedures. Using Milestone software, operators are able to control hundreds of IP cameras simultaneously, view live and archived video at the same time, and quickly export video evidence to authorities when necessary.

The IP network cameras are connected to servers with high-capacity 10TB storage for long-term recording and archiving. At Casino Copenhagen, video footage from the gambling tables must be saved for 31 days, and images from cash transactions are stored for 62 days. The system records and saves both video and audio to provide ample evidence should any disputes require further investigation.

Operators can quickly track down specific scenes from a variety of angles, and can scroll back and forth and zoom in for more detailed analysis. Casinos require clear and detailed footage so operators can see exactly what is happening, especially when monitoring gaming tables.

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