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Church Surveillance Catches Vandals

Published by Jennifer on March 20, 2007 11:04 AM

A system of surveillance cameras installed at a 14th century church in the UK has completely stopped an expensive vandalism problem. St. Bartholomew's church had long been suffering through a chronic vandalism problem - mostly with windows being broken.

It had become so dire that Reverend Steve Davie was about to close the church during the day to prevent further expensive damage.
Thanks to a grant from the Reigate and Banstead Borough Council, though, St. Bartholomew's has installed a £5,000 system of video surveillance cameras and signs which warn visitors and possible intruders alike of the fact that they on film. The cameras, which were installed last summer, have protected the old and storied church since, which Reverend Davie considers to be a blessing.
Church surveillance is not too common at present, with most security cameras being used by businesses and retail stores to prevent theft and protect employees and customers. However, the need for security in churches is actively growing, as seen in this example. Churches, especially those in urban areas, are subject to the same threats of vandalism and theft as their retail and commercial neighbors. If all church security cameras are as successful as this example in Horley, UK, imagine how much vandalism could be reduced if surveillance became common for churches.

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