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Behavior Recognition Cameras Bolster Security at Republic National Convention

Published by Ellen on August 30, 2012 8:46 AM

Tampa, Florida is well prepared for the Republic National Convention. The bustling city has spent over $2 million on leading-edge security cameras to monitor and record all activity around the convention center. As just one facet of a multi-thronged security operation, these newly purchased security cameras are furnished with extremely advanced technology to recognize unusual, suspicious behavior. The cameras’ software is programmed to scrutinize body language and movement.

What’s incredibly flummoxing about these cameras is their ability to quickly learn the behavior of people as it monitors them. Somewhat similar to human memory, these high-end surveillance cameras observe what they see, analyze scenes, and then remember what type of behavior is normal for a certain environment. When behavior is detected that doesn’t align with the camera’s memories of normal behavior, a real-time alert is then sent to police officers who can then respond to the scene.

Through sophisticated video intelligence, these security cameras would quickly learn that police officers carry weapons in public and ordinary citizens do not. Therefore, if an ordinary citizen was openly carrying a weapon out in public, the camera would then notify the police via an email or text alert. These cameras will be operating tonight as Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney gives one of the most important speeches of his lifetime.

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