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ACTi video servers enhance convention center surveillance in Anaheim

Published by Dan on January 30, 2009 8:51 AM

The Anaheim Convention Center recently finished upgrading its existing video surveillance system with an IP-based solution from ACTi. Convention Centers are prime candidates for IP surveillance because of the large crowds that gather for big events such as car and boat shows, sporting events, tech conventions, and of course the gun show. Video surveillance can play a key role in securing these facilities, and ensuring the safety of convention goers.

The surveillance installation at the Anaheim Convention Center features over 350 encoded video channels using rack-mounted ACTi SED-2410 two-channel video servers. The center already had a large collection of analog CCTV cameras providing video security, but the old system had its limitations. Now, with the cameras running through ACTi's video servers, the footage can travel along the network infrastructure as part of an IP-based solution. This allows operators to monitor higher-quality video at frame rates up to 30 frames per second while optimizing bandwidth. Other major benefits include digital video storage, and remote monitoring. In fact, the Anaheim Police Department now has access to the convention center's surveillance video via a remote connection, which helps to speed up response times in cases of emergency.

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